Meet the team

Hello, and welcome to Redwood Tax Specialists.

Redwood Tax Specialists is a national company that helps business owners and affluent families develop custom tax reduction plans. Our plans are holistic and take a client’s entire financial situation into account for the sole purpose of substantially reducing taxes.

“There’s an essential difference between tax preparation or bookkeeping and tax planning. Tax return prep and/or bookkeeping focuses on documenting past data. Tax planning, on the other hand, creates strategies to reduce taxes for years to come.”

In other words, working with us doesn’t mean you stop using your current CPA or accountant. Instead, we work together to strategically reduce future taxes. Think of the current CPA as the engineer, and Redwood Tax Specialists as the architect. We do the design work, and with our guidance, they’re the ones executing and documenting every year.

The tax code is remarkably complicated, and even an outstanding CPA can’t be an expert in the entire thing. We rely on a robust team of proven experts (with a variety of specializations) to make every legal deduction possible. 

Please get in touch with me if you know of any business owners we could help, or pass them my contact information:

I’m looking forward to saving hard-working business owners thousands of dollars in taxes every year.


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