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We will go into more detail on this as we build your personal financial profile.

This is why they call us the

Tax Reduction CPA®

Consistent business revenues,
growing profits – yet a 96%
DECREASE in Federal Taxes due.


When your tax team includes only a CPA or a single financial planner, you miss out on many potential deductions. No matter how remarkable one tax prep professional is, he or she can’t compare to a full team of expert strategists. Each person on our team brings a unique perspective from a different part of the financial or legal industries. We combine our strengths to find every possible deduction for our clients.

With over 70,000 pages of tax code, no single CPA can master every strategy. However, with a team we do understand the complex tax codes that benefit most high income business owners and affluent families.

We know the ins and outs of the IRS rules governing every strategy and plan that we handle. A surprising number of other financial firms lack this knowledge, but we work with these plans every day.

Our prime objective, each and every day, is providing significant value to our clients. We don’t try to make hard sells or pressure anyone into accepting our services. We don’t have to. We focus on helping our client and devote everything we have to reducing our client’s tax bill. We’re not selling a financial product we’re reducing taxes.


Did you know that many business owners and individuals pay more tax than they have to each year? If you’re like most taxpayers, you too might be giving Uncle Sam an unnecessary tip.  

Most people overpay because they don’t know how to leverage the complicated U.S. tax code. That’s why Redwood Tax Specialists has developed the Tax Reduction Strategies to help you maximize your savings—and make the complexity of the tax code work for you.

What is The Tax Reduction CPA®?

At Redwood Tax Specialists, we want to ensure that we are a good fit for all of our clients. That is why our first step is to conduct a no-obligation summary overview of your finances to determine if we can reduce your tax burden enough to make it worth your time and money. There is no cost or obligation for the tax reduction assessment.

Our Tax Reduction Strategies lays out a personalized strategy for each client and their situation. It accounts for every dollar you will save in taxes, which helps clients see the significant financial benefits of working with Redwood Tax Specialists. In fact, we guarantee that you save more in taxes than you will pay for using our Tax Reduction Blueprint fee.

Why work with The Tax Reduction CPA®?

To put it bluntly, if you aren’t using The Tax Reduction CPATM, you’re more than likely paying around 50% more than you have to. We find this to be true almost 100% of the time.

After our complimentary analysis of your finances, our team utilizes over 200 tax-saving methods to decrease your payments to the government.  We will explore every possible savings option.

You can choose to continue to pay unnecessary money to Uncle Sam—or you can get started with completing a financial profile (it only takes 20 minutes) with the professional that sent you this brochure.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to receive our assessment.

Will I be Audited if I Use The Tax Reduction CPA®?

Our clients are sometimes concerned that using the Tax Reduction Strategies will increase their chances of being audited by the IRS. After all, won’t it look suspicious if your business suddenly owes thousands of dollars less in taxes? Decreasing your tax burden through legal methods will not increase your chances of an audit. Plus, since Redwood Tax Specialists follows 100 percent of the tax laws 100 percent of the time, you don’t need to worry about scrutiny from the IRS. We want to save you money, but only through legal and ethical methods. In fact, since you will be working with a team of tax experts who know the ins and outs of our complex tax code, you are less likely to be audited while using the Tax Reduction Strategies.

Putting Your Money to Work

Many people mistakenly believe that resources like this are only for the ultra-rich and large, publicly-held companies. We are passionate about helping small companies and family businesses! 

Nothing builds wealth faster for our clients than significantly reducing their taxes. It all begins with a few questions and 20 minutes


  • Our mission is to substantially and legally reduce our client’s taxes. We always discover savings that others have missed.
  • When our team designs a tax plan, they will provide several options so you can choose the plan with which you’re most comfortable.
  • No matter how the tax or regulatory environment changes, we will continue to work with the most elite and credentialed experts in the United States.
  • Because we only prepare tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping upon request, there is no conflict of interest to work with your CPA or accountants.



Provide a brief summary of your assets for your financial professional to complete a financial profile for you.  This takes about 20 minutes and provides the back office with a high level picture of your finances.


Once the back office receives your profile, the planning begins.  Within 7-10 days the team will design a personalized tax reduction plan with a goal of legally slashing your tax bill by at least 50%.


The back office will present the plan to you and make any adjustments that are necessary for your personal situation.  You get to decide whether or not you wish to implement the plan with or without your current CPA.


With your approval, the back office can often redirect some of the tax savings into tax protected investments creating even more income for you in the process.  This creates a powerful cycle of saving money and re-investing it to exponentially grow your wealth.


Fortune 500 Corporate Executive in Dallas, TX Saves $262,000 In Taxes.


A 2017 tax deduction of $730,000 from the real estate investment reduced the executive’s tax liability by $262,000, delivering a refund of over $252,000!


A corporate executive with W-2 income of $4,000,000. The executive had zero deductions available due to various phase-outs and limitations, was paying over $1,500,000 each year to the government. Current debt payoff was a priority for the client, rather than long term savings and retirement strategies.


Based on the client’s preferences, cash flow needs, and budget, we designed their custom tax plan with: • A $160,000 real estate investment opportunity, when properly administered, generates large annual deductions to offset wage income and is not limited by passive real estate investment rules.

HVAC Business Owner in Charleston, SC Saves $208,321 In Taxes


In only three years, the client’s net worth increased by over $200,000, with zero investment risk, and the client has a guaranteed lifetime retirement income benefit in-excess of what he previously thought was unreachable. The client is in a position after only three years to retire comfortably, compared to their desired goal of 5-7 years that was unreachable under their previous plan, and the client has been taking the opportunity to travel the world with family, now that there is a clear path forward.


A client operated a successful HVAC business for many years. The business generated approximately $300,000 in cash flow and was in a C-Corporation. Like many C-Corporations we come across, the prior “strategy” was to pay out the profit in W-2 wages to avoid double taxation, while overpaying FICA. The client was paying approximately $116,000 in income tax and FICA tax each year.

Like a lot of clients we work with, the client envisioned a 5-7 year exit strategy in his business to enjoy retirement, but with the constant revolving door of tax payments coming due, couldn’t get the numbers to work within that timeframe and like many business owners who approach us, felt like they would never be able to retire with enough savings.


The client wanted a 5-7 year exit strategy and is extremely conservative and wanted fixed/guaranteed options for any retirement balances. Based on the client’s preferences, cash flow needs, and budget, we designed his custom tax plan with:

  • With a compensation study that reduced W-2 wages to $80,000 per year, cutting FICA tax in half.
  • A retirement plan contributing $200,000 annually, of which 90% of that amount was for the owners’ benefit
  • A corporate structure to reduce rates and avoid double taxation.
  • A retirement savings plan and exit strategy utilizing fixed return and guaranteed options to achieve the retirement goals, while eliminating risk.
  • An insurance strategy through the business to make the payments tax-deductible.

Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles, CA Saves $490,946 In Taxes


Over a four-year period, the strategies reduced taxes by $491,243. These savings created additional funds to be re-invested in the client’s equity-based savings plan, generating an additional six figures in investment capital gains from money that would have been paid to the IRS!

This client is on target to increase net worth by $1 million dollars, in five years, just by implementing a tax reduction plan for the business.


We consulted with a client in late 2014 and we implemented a tax savings plan beginning in 2015. The client had left her W-2 job, and transitioned to a consulting role and was self-employed, and the spouse had other significant W-2 income. The client quickly began generating about $300,000 annually in consistent income in the new venture, had no employees, all expenses were reimbursed, generating approximately $115,000 in annual tax liabilities.

Retirement contributions were already maxed out, itemized deductions, college benefits were being limited, and every year the client had an increasing amount due at tax returning, and felt like they could never catch up with the increasing burden.


The client was particularly in favor of tax deferral, and being in the markets with a more aggressive investment strategy.  Based on the client’s preferences, cash flow needs, and budget, we designed her custom tax plan with:

  •  A focused retirement strategy contributing approximately $250,000 annually into retirement. An optimized corporate structure to reduce the rates and provide an opportunity for enhanced reimbursements and deductions for previously non-deductible items. 
  • Income shifted to college age children to pay for college tax free.
  • An insurance strategy through the business to make the payments tax-deductible.

Auto Dealership Owner in Charlotte, NC Defers $19 million in Taxes for 30 Years


Rather than paying $19 million in tax today, investing that amount at just a 5% rate for 30 years, turns the balance to an incredible $82 million dollars. At the end of the 30 years the $19 million of tax would be paid, leaving a $63 million dollar increase in the client’s net worth, just by using this tax deferral method!


A successful business was being prepared for sale for approximately $84 million dollars with a $64 million-dollar gain. The gain was expected to generate $19 million in IRS taxes due!


We implemented a strategic tax sale opportunity, that allows the client to defer paying the taxes on the business sale for 30 years. In the meantime, the client has full access to invest the proceeds in full for the 30 years.

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